“...I'm praying amazing blessings for your book's message to spread far and wide.  I truly think it will shine truth into people's lives of all ages.  Excited for you."

Lysa TerKeurst-- Speaker and Author, Proverbs 31 Ministries

“In 25 years of ministry, I have never come across a book that presented the full gospel message in such a clear and powerful manner.   It reads like a classic and yet, I have never read a book like it.  The Lamp Maker is a powerful ministry tool and a family favorite too!”

Rick Moore-- Former Children’s Pastor Calvary Assembly of God, Orlando, FL

“Cindy joins story, illustrations and scripture in perfect harmony to capture the hearts of children and adults alike. The living truths in this book are poised to join us all to our Source in order to fulfill our life's purpose--to SHINE for the Lamp Maker!”

Amy Carroll-- Speaker, Proverbs 31 Ministries

"From the very first line to the prayer at the end, Cindy whispers truth about life's journey into every child's heart while she confirms the journeys of adult readers. God's goodness to us, His beloved lumps of clay, resounds in every beautiful word."

Amy Carroll Speaker, Proverbs 31 Ministries

"You and my mom were close friends, and she would have been so proud of you, Cindy. I know she enjoyed the good times and fellowship when you came to visit her. Congratulations on another beautiful book!"

Dan Roberts, Son of Frances J. Roberts, Author of Come Away My Beloved

Our Father will ship on 12/16/13
The Lamp Maker and The Potter are available now!
32 Page Hardcover- full color: Retail $14.95 
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More about the books.....

The Lamp Maker and The Potter are two stories that the Lord has put on Cindy's heart.  They have been shared orally for the past several years but recently the Lord has prompted her to take the oral story and put it into written form.  The Lord's voice was clear when Cindy finally sat at her computer in obedience to the Lord's prompting.  Each of these books were written start to finish in one 45 minute sitting.  The Lord just poured the words across the pages and the stories that once were oral illustrations are now in written form.  
Cindy knows that these books belong to the Lord and is being obedient in bringing them to this point.  These inspirational metaphors connect parents and children alike to the heart of God.  Cindy has the calling and privilege of both equipping the saints and bringing the lost to the feet of Jesus.  These two beautifully written stories have been used successfully to bring countless number of adults and children alike to the saving grace of Jesus.  In addition, those who already know Jesus become inspired to shine his light and be stretched and used in ways that they had never even imagined possible. Cindy is a gifted speaker and story teller and these stories come alive when she teaches at conferences and retreats.  
The Lamp Maker and The Potter are unique treasures.  A Dr. Seuss like feel connects with young readers yet deep spiritual truths connect with adults and children alike.  Everywhere Cindy speaks, participants come seeking a copy of these stories to share with their loved ones.  These books make great gifts as well as provide a launching point for parents to discuss thier faith with their children.  
Children's ministry leaders looking for fresh materials that walk the children of their church to the saving grace of Jesus Christ, will find just what they are looking for with these fun and relevant metaphors.  The scriptures on the bottom of the pages encourage the readers to dig deeper into God's word to seek truths and inspiration as well as providing launching points for deeper discussion.

What are people saying about these charming yet powerful books?
 These stories have a classic feel while the graphics treatments are unique and unlike anything available for children's ministries and parents.  The Dr. Seuss-like rhythm of these books, along with the dash of Max Lucado charm, immediately connects with young readers while its deep spiritual truths resonate with adults and parents. 
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