Moldable, Flexible, Bendable.... Usable!
Are you willing to rest in the Potter's Hands 
while he molds you into the vessel you were created
to be? Take this journey of Faith and learn how to 
be transformed by the Master Potter!

Created to Shine Light
Are you shining light in this dark and dreary age?
Get plugged into the power and make sure your
switch "on" so that his light can shine through you 
every day of your life!

Equipped for Battle!
Ever wonder why the enemy is attacking you from every side?   We are in a battle girlfriend! Watch God transform you from wimp to warrior.

Too Many Options!
What's God's will for your life?  It's not a secret! You can know his will and follow after him with confidence and peace. 

So what?  So that!
I know God loves me and I am resting in His presence, but what doesHhe want me to do now?  Discover the call on your life and living it out at home, in the community and around the world!

Are You Talking to Me?
Identifying God's voice in a media filled world can be difficult, but learning to hear him and follow in obedience is easier than you think.  The Author of the Universe is talking to you.  Learn practical ways to identify his voice and follow his leading with faith and confidence!

These Shoes are Pinching My Toes!
Are you wearing the wrong shoes? Do you wish you were wearing someone else's shoes or worse yet, are you trying to wear God's shoes?  Get your feet measured by the Shoemaker himself and start wearing the pair he designed especially for you!

Other TopicsThese are only a few of many topics.  Cindy would be happy to pray and work together with you to bring a message that will meet the needs of your group.
Sample Speaking Topics
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