My story.....
Cindy lives in Grove City, PA, with her husband Lance and their five children. She and Lance met at Grove City College where she received her B.S. in Applied Physics and Secondary Education. Having also earned a M.S. in education from Clarion University, Cindy has taught middle school through college courses over the past 17 years.  She is a gifted teacher, anointed speaker ,and author of three charming family books entitled 
The Lamp Maker, The Potter, and Our Father  

The joy of the Lord radiates from Cindy as she speaks of God's faithfulness and love. Authentic and relatable, she brings the truth of God's word to light and will inspire you to step out in faith and trust Him with your circumstances.  Adults and children alike will learn how to apply scripture and will be challenged to live joy filled, powerful and faithful lives. 

The Lord has taken Cindy on a journey of faith and obedience including the miraculous healing of her own mom from ovarian cancer, the deliverance of her daughter from the enemy who was attempting to take her life, a lifelong battle with food addiction and weight issues as well as the spiritual battles of teaching in a liberal public university.  Learning to hear the voice of the Lord and obey him is the theme to Cindy's life and ministry.  She will encourage, inspire and lead your group to a deeper experience and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.             

The enemy is not just out to make us sad, he is out to kill, steal, and destroy us! This is a testimony of our Lord's faithfulness through the attempted murder of our daughter Tessa.  If you'd like to read the whole story, click the flower.
Every Day me......

My interests may seem like they are all over the map, but my mom was really big on us being "well-rounded."  I am the youngest of three and my parents seemed to be able to do everything and anything.  We all must have loved our childhood because between us we have 14 children. My mom and dad were organic before anyone knew about organic.  Growing up on a small farm in western Pa, every night before dinner my mom would say, "All of the items on this table were grown on our land." It wasn't until college that I realized that most people do not have groundhog potpie and dandelions as a regular meal at their house..... 

I had a great childhood and was raised in the church.  My relationship with the Lord really started to grow after I started attending Grove City College in 1990.  It was a wonderful place and I met Lance there.  In fact, we have never left.  21 years later, I am still in Grove City raising five beautiful children and married to the same wonderful guy who stole my heart when I was just 19 years old.  Lance's mom, whom I affectionately call my  "Mother-in -love" really poured into me in our early years of dating and marriage.  She continually pointed me to Jesus.   Her prayers and her ability to hear from God really intrigued me.  I remember thinking that she seemed to have DSL and I had dial-up.  The Lord was drawing me closer and I was so ready for a deeper walk with him and wow has he provided.   Oops.... back to my every day me.... sorry I got distracted (Lance calls me Doug from the movie UP)

I have taught physics part time at a local University for the past 10 years.  That has been such a joy and such a challenge all rolled into one.  I am thankful for students that have been put in my path.  It is a privilege to shine light in a dark place.  Pray for our universities and the students in them.  

I am the owner of Shooting Starr Photography which allows me to get to know all of the people in my community and gives me a creative outlet.  I have been leading Bible studies at Grove City Alliance for the 8 years as well as being very involved Children's Ministry.  Every week Lance and I lead praise, worship and prayer with the children at church.  It is something that we have really enjoyed doing together. We also get to be Rock Stars every year at VBS as well as at Seneca Hills Bible Camp where we lead praise and worship and rock the house for Jesus!

I am a soccer mom!  This past year we had 5 kids on 5 different teams.  That was crazy!!  I love to cook and I love having people to my home.  I have become a decent gardener.  I am sort of a perennial addict of sorts.  When I was 17 I got busted for drag racing.... yes I did.  My dad an I restored that old '67 Camaro when I was 15... and boy could she fly.  This year she is being restored and I can't wait to have her back in my garage!!  

I am married to a wonderful Godly man who loves me just the way I am and yet challenges me every day to be better.  I am very blessed to have these five beautiful children.  They all love the Lord and they love each other.  I can't imagine my life without them. I count it a privilege to introduce people to Jesus.  He has saved my life and I am so in love with him.  I have known for a long time that he was calling me to go out and preach the good news.  I have done that here in my little part of the Earth, and now he is telling me that it is time to go and make disciples of all nations!  Pray for me! I am trusting the Lord for every step of the journey!  If there is one thing I know for sure, if God is not going ahead of me, I do not want to go!  But.... where he leads me, I will follow!
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